About Us

Altitude Facilities Management operates across various industries which include amongst others, food and beverage, chemical, manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors providing efficient and cost effective outsourced supply chain processes for our clients. We take your non-core operations and make them our core functions, thereby adding value to your business and supply chain whilst creating good cost savings.

Our Mission

  • To supply flexible and dynamic solutions to the most complex of business and supply chain process outsourcing requirements

  • To provide quality and service excellence in everything we do
    To build a thriving, vibrant and dynamic business

  • To employ, as far as possible, Persons with Disabilities in all levels of employment within the business.
    To add quality to the work we do, to the client for whom we do the work and to the lives of the people who do the work

  • To provide continual skills development processes to our employees in our quest to upskill, multi-skill and empower our employees

Our Vision

To be the benchmark business process and supply chain Facilities Management Company in South Africa operating across all industry sectors.

Our Values

People Focus
Service excellence and quality.

Our Philosophy

We believe that, by taking a company’s non-core business processes and making them our core business, we create an environment where we can add value to the various processes making them highly efficient and cost effective.

By integrating our processes into those of our client’s, we become a highly efficient cog in their supply chain either internal or external or both.

We are committed to providing a coherent framework for Quality Improvement via our Quality Management System (QMS) that incorporates transparent processes of review, evaluation and action planning.

 We undertake to continuously improve the services that we provide to our customers. We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our customers, aiming for the highest performance standards and excellence in all aspects of our services rendered. This is achieved through the setting of quality objectives to be met and to be reviewed on a regular basis.


Commitment to the development of staff in order to fulfil our strategy is a priority.


TEL +27 21 761 5321 / 6 | FAX +27 21 761 3711

Block Z, Greenford Office Estate, Punters Way, Kenilworth, Cape Town, 7708

P.O. BOX 18245, WYNBERG, 7824


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